USROC’s radiologists are the highest quality U.S. based, U.S. trained, U.S. Board of Radiology-certified physicians who are licensed, credentialed, and insured to practice in your state. Additionally, the majority of USROC’s radiologists are fellowship-trained in a wide range of subspecialties, most with CAQ certifications.

USROC provides medical liability insurance coverage valid in all U.S. states and the District of Columbia, and as required by your Medical Staff By-laws.

None. There are no start-up costs with USROC.

USROC’s services may begin immediately depending on your local credentialing requirements. As a fully Joint Commission accredited organization, USROC is able to expedite the credentialing process to suit your needs.

USROC is without obligations to Wall Street investors or short-term quarterly performance milestones. Instead of having to pay outside stockholders, we return the savings to clients in the form of lower fees.

USROC also has been a solid and stable leader in teleradiology nationwide for more than a decade. Our advanced proprietary technology enables us to streamline workflow, maintaining excellent quality services while optimizing cost savings which are again returned to our clients in the form of lower fees.

We work with you as a team. We take into account the challenges from different localities and appropriate rates to best support you and your service needs.

USROC has been in the business of handling sensitive private medical records for the Department of Defense, the Veterans Administration as well as leading hospitals all over the United States for over 10 years. We have safely and securely managed hundreds of millions of medical records over the internet while following HIPAA and all other privacy laws and regulations. Our processes and technical infrastructure guarantee secured and confidential data management.

As HIPAA is not enforceable outside of the United States, you can rest assured that USROC radiologists are 100% US based.

We cover all types of medical practices of all sizes and all general or sub-specialty imaging needs. These range from small clinics to level one trauma centers, specialty hospitals, teaching hospitals, and large healthcare systems. We customize and tailor our services to take care of your service needs with experience and expertise.